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Bruce Burr, Sr.
Urban Entomologist

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Pest Control Since 1961

Burr Exterminating, providing pest control for Tucson and surrounding areas. Regardless of your pest problem: termites, ants, roaches, rats, fleas, bed bugs, spiders, centipedes, ticks, bees, scorpions, wasps, gophers, birds, crickets, earwigs, kissing bugs, or mosquitoes, Burr Exterminating can help.

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Our Services

Pest Control

We are dedicated to providing our pest management services with the safest and most effective methods. All services are provided in full compliance to label and regulatory mandates.

Today’s pest management is the effort to reduce the pest population by changing practices, making habitat or structural alterations, and careful application of pesticides.

Interior Treatment

After a careful inspection and evaluation the interior is treated using our crack and crevice technique that injects the material directly into construction elements that treat the harborage areas used by insects. With this crack and crevice treatment process the formulated insecticide is not visible to an inhabitant before, during, or after the application process. We employ a combination of non-odorous liquids, long lasting baits and dust formulations to cracks, crevices and hollow voids. Products selected will provide a long term safe residual to harborage areas eliminating the need for constant monthly treatment to the interior of the home. Monitors “sticky traps” are placed in discreet locations throughout the house and garage. These monitoring stations are non-toxic and are replaced as needed on regularly scheduled visits.

Exterior Service

Our initial visit begins with a detailed and comprehensive treatment to the exterior of your property. We start with an inspection, looking for ant, spider, wasp or bee nests. We then broom off walls, window ledges, and door entries removing spider webs. A residual barrier treatment is applied to the foundation, door casings, window ledges, lights, and other construction elements. Long lasting granular materials are used around shrubs and rock beds. Comprehensive treatments on the exterior and perimeter mean we are able to limit treatments on the interior. All treatments are made with the utmost safety and concern for your family and pets.

Service Schedules and Frequency

We offer our residential service on a one time basis with the option of monthly, every other month, or quarterly schedules. The selection of frequency is dependant on the nature of the infestation, physical location of the home among other individual factors.