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Pack Rats, Round Tailed Ground Squirrels, and Rock Squirrels

There are many species of rats and rodents in this country. However the most common invaders we are called upon to deal with are: Pack Rats, Round Tailed Ground Squirrels (commonly recognized as gophers), and Rock Squirrels. Each of these creatures has fully adapted to urban life.

Pack Rats (Neotoma albigula) – Commonly found in the Tucson Foothill residential areas, this rodent does not burrow. It creates its nest above ground, frequently at the base of cactus plants which offer protection for its messy nest. Pack rat nests are easily identifiable by their messy appearance as these rodents build their nests out of any readily available materials. Burr Exterminating provides an elimination program without the use of poisonous chemicals/baits. Our control measures start with live trapping and removal of the rodents. Once the pack rats have been removed, it is necessary to eliminate the nest and haul away debris. In many cases, cactus and native plants need to be removed or thinned out in order to reduce the potential attraction of nesting sites. Removal is then followed by sanitization and spraying of the area for pests.  Pack rats are often host to the Kissing Bug (Triatoma Sp.). Kissing Bugs bite people, take their blood and may cause serious infections and even death. Also included in this elimination program is a quarterly site inspection service to prevent recurrence of nesting.

Round Tailed Ground Squirrels (Spermophils tereticaudus) – Our desert and landscaped areas are plagued with Round Tailed Ground Squirrels. In some cases, it is next to impossible to maintain a lawn, sports field or garden when these rodents invade. The species hibernates through the winter months, emerging in early February to take advantage of new spring growth. The Round Tailed Ground Squirrel has a diet consisting of plants, seeds, and small insects.

The Round Tailed Ground Squirrel is most active during mornings and evenings, avoiding the intense heat by retiring to its burrow at midday or seeking the shade of plants. Our experience with Phostoxin has provided us with positive results. The fumigant is a quick-acting, non-residual product. Most importantly, the Round Tailed Ground Squirrel will remain buried below the surface in its burrow.

Rock Squirrels (Spermophilus variegatus) – This ground squirrel is found throughout Tucson and may initially be perceived as cute. This rodent will be tolerated until it decides to take over your yard and landscaped areas.  The Rock Squirrel is not only persistent and annoying, it is destructive. Fortunately, they are easy to trap alive and remove. Rock Squirrels should not be allowed to proliferate. Our record trapping catch at one home yielded 42 squirrels during one summer.

Burr Exterminating has gained a considerable amount of experience dealing with these Sonoran Desert pests. Be assured, this trio of creatures fully qualify as pests. Prompt action is necessary to avoid their destructive actions.

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