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Termites and treatment for termites can be divided into two general categories. The most common in this region, Subterranean termites are those that travel back and forth from your home to the soil. The second group of termites are the Drywood termites. Infestations of Drywood termites do not travel back and forth to the ground; but rather, keep their colony within the infested structure. Subterranean termites require a liquid barrier treatment, whereas Drywood termites are fumigated.

Subterranean Termite Treatment

The essence of the treatment is to separate the termites from the structure and their colony in the ground. This process requires a thorough understanding of construction and the various types of floors used in constructing homes and commercial buildings. Since termites can enter though a crack or construction crevice of 1/32nd inch it is necessary to understand the construction type and its inherent deficiencies. The liquid barrier system works only if you have considered and found all possible entry points the termites have discovered. The liquid barrier treatment is the best approach due to the fact that termite materials are designed to be effective for many years; perhaps as long as 10 to 20 years when properly applied.

Drywood Termites

Burr Exterminating is the only locally owned and managed company equipped to provide structural fumigation in this area. It also offers chamber fumigation of antiques and artifacts providing treatment for Drywood termites and Powder Post beetles. The essence of fumigating is the confinement of air space and introduction of a fumigant material into this confined air space; whether it be a home or an artifact. The typical fumigation requires 20 hours exposure and 6 hours aeration time.

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